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A PAYMENT RECEIPT is a document that serves as PROOF OF PAYMENT for a transaction. It includes important information such as the amount paid, the date of payment, and the payment method used.

It’s important for both the buyer and the seller to keep a copy of the PAYCHECK RECEIPT as it serves as a legal document and can be used for accounting and tax purposes.

This is a printable CASH RECEIPT template created in PSD format, all fonts included.

Just a few quick steps download document file, make changes and save for printing or further editing.



receipt (also known as a packing listpacking slip, or customer receipt) is a document acknowledging that a person has received money or property in payment following a sale or other transfer of goods or provision of a service.

Use these cash receipt forms to add order terminal ID numbers, unit prices, and quantities to keep your documents organized.

There are a few common situations when you may need a payment receipt. These can include:
providing proof of payment – avoid any discrepancies or problems arising in the future by presenting a payment receipt as proof, so you’re not charged again
making a down payment or deposit – they can also be used as proof of what you have already paid, and are useful for recordkeeping to make sure future payments are accurate
tracking your spending or expenses – stick within your personal budget or keep tabs on business expenses by compiling payment receipts you can refer back to in the future

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