Pakistan Airbnb booking confirmation Word and PDF template



A HOTEL RESERVATION document is given to a guest as approval for their reservation request.

What is its importance?
It NOTES someone who reserved the room can stay there through a set period as well as decreases the risk of losing money because of booking system issues.

Such claims and a lot of other hotel and Airbnb booking samples are available with the best quality.



Airbnb (ABNB) connects people who want to rent out their homes with people who are looking for accommodations in specific locales.

Airbnb reservation .doc and .pdf editable template is good for
○ Visa application
○ proof of accommodation
○ showing your expenses
○ other purposes you may need!

you can change all the data in this ready-made hotel reservation editable sample and especially these ones:
○ customer’s full name
○ pickup and destination address
○ contact number, arrival date and time
○ payment option, room type, departure dates, reservation request, etc.

Windows standard fonts are used in this template. Anyhow,
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