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A PAYMENT RECEIPT is a document that serves as PROOF OF PAYMENT for a transaction. It includes important information such as the amount paid, the date of payment, and the payment method used.

It’s important for both the buyer and the seller to keep a copy of the PAYCHECK RECEIPT as it serves as a legal document and can be used for accounting and tax purposes.

This is a printable CASH RECEIPT template created in PSD format, all fonts included.

Just a few quick steps download document file, make changes and save for printing or further editing.



Whenever you make a payment, you should receive a payment receipt.
A payment receipt is a document a seller issues to a buyer after they receive money for goods or services: it proves payment, and a tax invoice shows the amount of tax payable from a transaction.

Create cash receipt forms fast, and include important details like addresses, line items, totals, taxes, and terms and conditions.

Generally, a payment receipt should contain the following information:
title or label – to make the purpose of the document clear
business name and logo – to identify the payment receiver
amount paid – to reference how much money was paid: total, subtotal
remaining balance due – to see if any more money is owed
payment method – to record how the payment was made
date – of the day when payment was received
receipt/ invoice number, terminal ID number – to check invoices correspond, if relevant
business contact details – address, phone number, email and website

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